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Cutting Edge Marketing

Based on our understanding of your desired business objectives, current marketing performance and available in-house resources, our approach for your marketing program is based on key components: Planning, Development, Increasing Traffic, Converting Leads to Customers. Marketing planning is the first phase of every successful marketing program. We'll meet and discuss your current marketing, determine where you are and provide you with solid advice that will get you to the next level using solid principles to reach your ideal clients.

Domain Registration / Website Hosting

The first line of defense to your WordPress website is using a hosting environment that is optimized for WordPress. We offer web site hosting on our green powered private Canadian web servers that are optimized for WordPress sites.
We are a Canadian owned company so why not use a Canadian domain service provider, as well as a CIRA certified and ICANN accredited registrar. We use Namespro to provide domain registrations. They have been serving up domain names since 2003.

WordPress Care Plans

You’ll never be completely safe, but there’s a lot we do to minimize your risk. Good security is about minimizing risk. We are experts in WordPress security because we use WordPress. We understand the risks. We keep your web site fast and secure, running at lightning-fast speeds with 99.9% up-time. Providing an optimal web site requires regular maintenance to keep it running well. We provide a full menu of ongoing services to keep our web sites secure and performing well.

Here's our strategy.


We meet with you to ask questions about your goals. This helps us determine the type of website you'll require. We've got the experience, because we've been building web sites since 2000. We think of things other developers don't.


We use WordPress for all of our websites. We'll develop a wire-frame determining the layout and overall functionality of your website. Once you're happy with the layout then we'll customize the design.


Upon receiving your content material from you, we will implement your business content into the page designs, making sure On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices are followed. This takes approximately 2-3 weeks. We keep you up to date with our progress.

Pre launch checklist

We go through a detailed checklist for your website before we make it live for the world wide web to visit. We'll make sure things like Google analytics is integrated, your forms are working as expected and the site is displaying on the 3 major browsers correctly as well as looking great on a mobile platform.

Help & Support

We stick with you to make sure everything works the way you expect. Our customers always comment - we're always available to help.
That's because we are dedicated people running a business to help you grow. That helps us grow. Win...Win!

What clients say

Accessible, Mobile Responsive Websites | Secure and easy to navigate with compelling calls to action websites in Durham Region, Ontario Canada uses Accessibility Checker to monitor our website's accessibility.

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