WordPress Design matters

When done right, it affects consumer perceptions, establishes relevance, builds credibility, enhances professionalism, and creates trust with your audience — It can’t just be pretty, it must actually work to trigger emotions, drive action, and make sales. We specialize in custom WordPress designs, not off-the-shelf templates. And all of our web sites are specially designed for mobile devices to ensure they actually work and look great on smartphones and tablets.

We offer complete, all-inclusive WordPress web site design and development. From a simple brochure web site to an advanced e-Commerce solution with an integrated forum or membership web site, we can create the ultimate solution to meet your marketing goals and objectives.

Design without purpose and intention is merely decoration — smart, strategic design solves problems and hits defined targets.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

Your website is the key to your business

At Webrite Design Solutions we keep your web site fast and secure, running at lightning-fast speeds, and with 100% uptime. Our menu of services offers you a variety of options on how involved you want us to be as you move forward. Providing an optimal web site requires regular maintenance to keep it running well. We provide a full menu of ongoing services to keep our web sites secure and performing well.
The first line of defense to your WordPress website is using a hosting environment that is optimized for WordPress. We offer web site hosting on our green powered web servers that are optimized for WordPress sites. We have 3 packages. Value Hosting. Standard Hosting and Premium Hosting.

  • Value Hosting, offers Web Site Hosting on our green powered web server and daily web site backups. Recommended for non WordPress web sites.
  • Standard Hosting – offers Web Site Hosting on our green powered web server, daily off-site backup of your site’s files and content and adds weekly updates to your web site’s software to insure all components are up-to-date and functioning properly together.
  • Premium Hosting – includes ValueHosting and StandardHosting services, but adds a 34 point lockdown process for WordPress to lessen the likelihood of a successful hack. It also includes proactive scanning for malware and changes to critical system files to mitigate the damage of a hack in the unlikely case it is successful.

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Website Updates

Deciding where to invest your marketing dollars isn’t a decision you take lightly.

You know you need to attract new customers and keep your existing clients coming back, but you can’t afford to invest time or resources into something that isn’t going to deliver the results you expect. Keep your website up to date with current information about your products and services, keeps readers coming back time after time.

There’s plenty of data to back up the benefits of updating your website.

For example:

  • Search engines love content and especially new content. They like to have long quality posts in their index to satisfy their users. A website that is updated regularly is crawled more often, has more pages in the index and more possibilities to boost SEO.
  • Websites are meant to serve users and giving users fresh content makes them happier. A happy user will most probably come back, convert, register, buy or recommend your website to other people.
  •  Imagine visiting 2 identical websites selling the same product at the same price but one of them has an updated blog, support forum or news section. Other things being equal, which one would you trust? The one that has updated content gives you the feeling that it is still in operation, active and that they care about their customers.

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